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Why Everything You Know About Exercise & Training For Strength, Fitness, Mobility & Long-Term Results
For Anyone Over 50 Is WRONG…

(HINT: if you’re still doing functional training ONLY… it’s time to STOP!)

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David Lyons reveals the truth about Multiple Sclerosis & Exercise

David Lyons is the top MS trainer in the world & has received various awards for his accomplishments in health and fitness for Multiple Sclerosis
and now he is offering his expertise to help MSers around the world

I’m not going to pull any punches. You’re going to be shocked and maybe a bit angry by what I’m about to share with you.

When you stick to an exercise program by the letter and do everything your trainer tells you, you expect results, right?

Well, what if you discovered all your hard work was having ZERO effect on the way your brain connects with your muscles to benefit your body and was leaving you with little improvement in strength and mobility?

What if you discovered you were ALWAYS going to fall short of the results you want in getting in the best condition of your life through exercise, because…

You’ve been MISLED about how to train your body’s BIGGEST muscle…your brain…to reconnect to control the muscles that aging has robbed you of.

And it’s cost you in your results, your health and even how you feel.

The "Functional Exercise Myth" has, for too long, left many people over 50 frustrated at their lack of progress, struggling to regain their strength and mobility.

And it gets worse. Not knowing how to train properly has left you with a problem – by not following a proper exercise program you are actually going in the wrong direction when it comes to aging limitations.

When you discover the right way to unlock your ability to activate your muscle fibers correctly and to its maximum potential, everything changes. You can put the pedal to the metal on the benefits of correct exercise.

And you know when you’ve trained your mind and body the right way, you become the proud owner of a strong and more mobile YOU.

I'm David Lyons, BS, CPT - a 63 year old Certified Fitness Professional, Fitness Educator, MS Fitness Specialist and the ONLY fitness expert with MS to be inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

I was a healthy bodybuilder, gym owner and fitness professional when I was hit in the face with the life changing diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2006 at the age of 47.

David Lyons and Kendra with the National Fitness Hall of Fame Award

In my heyday as a 20 and 30 year old I was a competitive bodybuilder, boxer, martial artist and a very intense and competitive athlete.

I took every sport I undertook as one to conquer and be a champion in. I trained with the best of the best in each sport to learn from the guys who were at the top of their game. Boxers like Olympic gold medalist Howard Davis; martial artists like world karate champion Richard Barathy; and bodybuilding’s best like Mr. America Anibal Lopez, and Mr. America/Mr. Olympia competitor Tom Terwilliger. You see, I left no stone unturned in finding what works and what doesn’t in reaching my goals. And that was no different when I heard my MS diagnosis. I had to find out what worked and what didn’t in beating MS through exercise and how someone heading into my 50’s should workout. With two major obstacles to overcome, I knew following a regular exercise program or an insanity workout would NOT be the answer.

The problem was I had nowhere to go and no one who was really successful at it. I looked to the over 50 exercise “experts” online and found that following their programs did absolutely nothing in getting stronger, more coordinated and ahead of this disease any they really weren’t beneficial for a guy my age. Sure these programs had me moving, stretching and exercising BUT I saw no real progress. They were all having me do functional exercise, regular strength training and ridiculous “over 50 workouts” that did not create the processes needed at my age to keep me looking and feeling younger. There were no true training methods designed to help an old dude like me and especially not for someone with a degenerative condition like MS.

So, what did I do? Simple…I took my many years of experience and success in fitness and started applying training methods I knew worked for muscle growth, stimulation, and mobility to activate my body.

I knew the principles of focus and muscle concentration and how they function in creating a brain to muscle connection. But with the limitations I had, it was an experiment on how to get these principles to apply PROPERLY with a challenging condition AND as someone headed into my fifties. The question that needed to be answered was what training methods will work the best with my age and how do I implement them for success.

Since I am now well over 50 and I am not just a trainer guessing at what aging feels like, I was able to use myself as a guinea pig to find the training methods that bring results in conquering my limitations and my age through exercise and fitness.

I become stronger, more agile, more focused, more positive and overall more able to beat MS and my age every day. I went from being lifted in and out of exercise machines at the gym to squatting 500 lbs. and training like a beast again just like I did in my 20’s and 30’s. Aging and my MS symptoms were no longer controlling my life. I was controlling my life! I was ahead of this disease AND I was ahead of my aging body!

What I developed was a series of training methods that were so effective on me that I began using them on other people over 50 and those with limitations such as Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Diabetes and every other form of physical and mental limitation there is. Time after time and client after client the benefits of my training methods were amazing. The program was getting results that people are saying are miraculous. And I can’t disagree with that metaphor!

david lyons global bodybuilding award 2018 optimalbody

But don’t take my word for it. Here are what some who have worked with me have to say:

David Lyons special recognition award national fitness hall of fame 2017

I've dedicated the last 40 plus years of my career to working at the cutting edge of training and exercise science, more than 15 years with MS limitations and aging year by year, now 63 years old. Yet I can still workout like I am in my thirties!

As a Fitness Specialist, I know it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction when it comes to exercises and results. Pull back the curtain and you get the real story.

I know what works. I’m in the trenches using trial and error and applying proven principles every day working with clients ONE ON ONE.

The problem isn’t how hard you work out or that you are following an exercise program. It certainly isn’t your commitment, although it may feel like you’re trying everything and getting nowhere.

You see, it’s not your fault.

You’ve been told the wrong information.

When we trust trainers with our bodies, we expect them to know what they’re doing, right?

But it turns out they don’t. They rely on routines based on decades-old research and training principles like functional exercise or programs like CrossFit instead of combining the latest science with, you know, REAL WORLD experience working with many clients over 50 with all types of limitations and fitness goals.

The worst are social media self-proclaimed fitness “experts” giving out exercise advice based on a flawed understanding of exercise and how the body responds to it.

How could they give the right advice? Most of these “expert” trainers and in their twenties and thirties and even the older ones don’t have any limitations or challenges so they don’t understand how we feel. These trainers don’t get how an aging and sometimes limited body benefits from training, what training methods are effective, and how the brain must reconnect to the body for results to happen.

They misunderstand the muscle. They misunderstand how to activate the brain-muscle connection. They misunderstand fundamental training principles for anyone over 50.

They don’t give you the complete picture…How could they, they’ve never dealt with the degenerative effects of aging or physical limitations. But, they certainly don’t mention that.

Listening to these trainers leaves you disappointed when you don’t get the results they claim.

That’s why I had to speak out…to fight back against the misinformation and myths that some trainers keep pushing on you.

To understand why so many programs get it wrong, let’s look at the brain to muscle and nerve to muscle connections.


If you consciously and deliberately place your attention on the contraction of the primary muscle you are working, the quality of the contraction is enhanced. In other words, the more your mind (brain) is focused on the muscle being worked as it contracts, the greater your results will be.

In young people or those with no form of physical limits, the brain AND nervous system creates and improves the quality of the movement of muscle fibers that are put into action most often. In our case, as we age or develop limiting conditions we need to rely basically on our brain since our nervous system is array. As you age, your brain and nervous system go through natural changes. Your brain and spinal cord lose nerve cells and weight (atrophy). Nerve cells may begin to pass messages more slowly than in the past. What we do with our brain and how we engage it in exercise that is most effective way to overcome our limits.

Studies have shown that placing mental attention on your muscles as they’re contracting literally causes a higher percentage of the muscle fibers that you’re aiming to use for the movement to ‘activate.’

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that stimulates your muscles to move.

The more active mental attention you bring to the muscle that’s being contracted, the more acetylcholine that’s produced, leading to an enhanced quality in the contraction.

So, the more you bring an active attention to the muscle being worked, the contraction in each and every rep, the more acetylcholine that’s produced.

The more acetylcholine that’s produced, the better the contraction, and better the results.

This occurrence is also true with every one of my training methods. It’s not just the contraction of a muscle that creates the brain to muscle reconnection for us as we age or with physical conditions , it’s how you specifically train for this phenomenon to occur.

You cannot deny the accuracy of science!

So, in a nutshell, doing functional exercises and cookie cutter fitness programs that do not engage the proper science to combat aging…

WILL NOT WORK for any significant and long-term benefits or results in regaining strength, mobility and an over-all feeling of well-being.

Yet, these programs are exactly what the self-proclaimed fitness “experts” are teaching the over 50 community. You hear them make claims of creating nerve to muscle connections using functional movements and stretching…WRONG. These movements do NOT create nerve to muscle connections. And they never mention acetylcholine or muscle fiber activation because they are taking you in the WRONG direction.

So what’s the fix? It’s my OptimalBody 90 Day Boot Camp

Follow a proven exercise program during the 90 Day Boot Camp that engages the brain to muscle connection your aging body must have to get in the best shape of your life an overcome any limitations to fitness you may have.

The science behind my OptimalBody 90 Day Boot Camp is evident and the confirmation is in the results from everyone who has gone through the program. I am living proof as I was told by the doctors that I would be wheelchair bound when I was diagnosed with MS yet I have never sat in a wheelchair for one day! You can’t hear that fact from the online trainers with generic programs who are not over 50 or who do not have any physical limitations.

woman dumbbell raises ball

So now I’ve walked you through why the exercise programs out there are minimally effective and why implementing specific training methods through my OptimalBody 90 Day Boot Camp is the most effective path to the stronger, more fit and more mobile body you’ve always wanted. And I’ve shown you why I have the experience, credentials, knowledge, and awards no one else in the exercise arena has.

There’s nothing left for me to say, except… now, it’s up to YOU.

Most Dedicated MS Fitness Expert 2019 Award
Most Dedicated MS Fitness Expert 2020 Award

You have three paths before you right now

You could read this and decide to stick with your current exercise program and trainer. Sure, you are comfortable with the entertainment you are getting and it’s much easier to stay where you’re then it is to make a change. But this OptimalBody 90 Day Boot Camp program is the result of over 40 years experience and expertise, more than 15 years with MS, spending a few years finding the true answer to getting ahead of my physical limits and my age.

Change is hard but the right change can be Life Changing!

You may read this and think “I’ll come back to it later”… but we both know what that means. Within a few days, you’ll forget you even saw this. You’ll go back to sitting at home, your body weakening and making your goal to conquer aging even harder.

In a months’ time, you may be right back feeling frustrated over your lack of strength, fitness and mobility, reminded of this every time you try and do something your body just won’t let you do.

Then a year from now, you suddenly remember this day and wish you had made the decision to say “YES” and finally get ahead of your age and reverse the aging clock.

Imagine how your year would have turned out if you’d felt stronger, more powerful and with more ability to move.

I hope that’s not the path you take.

Instead, make the choice so many have made before and choose yourself. Decide you’re going to build a better, stronger body for your long-term health and well-being.

At last! You finally have the answer to building the strong, fit, mobile body you always knew you could if you had the right guidance.

After just ONE workout, you FEEL the difference. It’s never felt this way before. Parts of your body are now stronger and able to do what you tell it to do!

Within a few months of following the program you can feel the muscles awakening. You notice some of the mobility issues you once had have disappeared. You stand a little taller. Walk a little better. You have a feeling of well-being. You smile to yourself, proud of the moment you acted decisively to make this happen.

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