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Designed specifically for MS by someone with MS


OptimalBody is the ONLY online training system developed by someone who has MS and knows the challenges it creates and how to overcome them. David Lyons is the top MS fitness specialist and the only MS trainer inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame and voted to the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Worldwide.

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Easy to follow videos

Full workout videos to follow step by step taking you through each of the Training Method 3 day cycles updated MONTHLY

amazing product discounts

Discounts to supplements and workout products beneficial for MS

Monthly Challenges

MONTHLY Challenge to win prizes such as a LIVE one on one training session with David Lyons, OptimalBody T-shirts, supplements and more

Nutrition for MS

Nutrition information specifically for MS updated MONTHLY

Monthly q&a Livestreams

Monthly livestream questions and answers session with DAVID LYONS, creator of the OptimalBody Training Program for MS

Article Archive

Full access to the OptimalBody archives packed with articles and tools about nutrition, training and mindset for MS

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OptimalBody Customer Reviews

"David Lyons has provided the final piece in the puzzle of health for me, at 45 years old, to be in the best shape of my life. “OptimalBody” has changed my life, it could change yours too… Meeting David Lyons, and being lucky enough to work out with him over the last several months, has allowed me to finally understand and perform exercises which will benefit me moving forward for the rest of my life. Bench pressing and dumbbell curls are great, but there is no way to put a value on how much improvement the right regimen, with the right coach, and the right attitude can help each one
of us. David understands the challenges that we face, they are his challenges too. I recommend OptimalBody to anyone who has been unlucky enough to be faced with an obstacle in life, I no longer consider myself unlucky.
Thank you David Lyons for what you do!"

Brian N.

"Yes I want to continue training his month. The training has been a blessing and exactly what I need. I’m getting stronger! ~ A.M."


“Hi, David…I’m loving the workout and am glad it’s FINALLY something I can physically do. Of course, I need to get better at the exercises but I know that as I get stronger I’ll be able to complete reps as recommended. Thank you for checking in. And thank you again for this workout.. I know I can do this! Blessings, David.” 

Bell G.

"Really enjoying the band program"

Kevin M.

“David Lyons, I would first like to thank you for motivating me to get moving. You are an inspiration! I am now eating right, taking supplements, and exercising every day. Now I have hope and determination. I feel my body getting stronger everyday. In June I could hardly walk 5 minutes on the treadmill, today I ran 15 minutes! Thank you!"

Nancy W.

"This morning I shaved my legs ( overshare I know ) BUT I LIFTED my LEFT leg ( weaker side) up onto vanity without any assistance without having to use my hand to pull it up !!"

Jennifer R.

"This is where I wanted to improve, and I just proved to myself that I definitely did! Thanks to David Lyons and team and each member who inspired me to work harder! Before joining this Group, I was lost and didn’t know much about the right nutrition and exercise. Now I’m so much stronger, leaner and my fatigue is under control. I’m positive and feel like I’m in control again. Good luck to everybody conquering their own “mountain”."

Olga H.

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Brian's Review
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Frequently Asked Questions

NO. We have thousands of members that are at all levels of MS whether relapsing remitting, primary progressive, etc. with a wide variety of mobility levels and symptoms. Our programs are designed for everyone and you can perform any of the many Training Methods either standing or seated. You should however be cleared by your neurologist, GP or PT to exercise.

The many Training Methods are designed to be performed using inexpensive but effective resistance bands with handles, a door anchor and leg straps. A complete set of bands with door anchor and leg straps are available through this website at a low cost. Exercise programs using NO equipment and don’t allow for resistance do not provide enough muscle fiber activation to be effective. DO NOT be fooled by these “functional” exercise programs being sold by non-MS trainers.

The program is designed to provide the most effective workouts. This is a 3 day cycle that has been created for effectiveness and not just to get you moving with NO long term benefits in overcoming MS limitations.  You are going to spend between 30 and 60 minutes each workout depending on the body parts worked.  You will take one or two days of rest after each 3 day cycle.

If you are not willing to put in the time and effort into a proper exercise program that is science backed in getting results for strength and mobility with MS, then this is not the right program for you. There are already MS exercise programs offered to the MS community that have dance moves and ineffective “functional” exercises which are minimally effective in getting ahead of your MS symptoms. The OptimalBody Training program for MS is NOT one of these programs and takes time, focus and effort.

This program and the many specific and unique Training Methods implemented were created by David Lyons, the ONLY recognized MS fitness expert with over 40 years’ experience in fitness who HAS MS for 14+ years. His program is science based and designed to create the 3 most important aspects to beating MS…neuroplasticity, muscle fiber activation and brain to muscle reconnections.

Those other MS exercise programs are basic cookie cutter exercises that do not challenge the MS body in the same way the OptimalBody program does. They are inferior and brought to the MS community by trainers who DO NOT have MS!  These trainers may have a good education on simple exercise but they DO NOT know what it is like to actually overcome MS limitations like David Lyons does.  David lives with MS like YOU do and has dedicated his life to helping YOU get ahead of MS like he has done using proven and successful Training Methods he has created that are unlike the other cookie cutter programs that provide exercises you can find for FREE on YouTube.

Lyons is the ONLY MS fitness expert acknowledged by his many accolades including his induction in the National Fitness Hall of Fame; his vote as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders worldwide; his Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger; his award of the Most Dedicated MS Fitness Expert 2019/2020 by both Global Health & Pharma and Global 100.

The membership offers you the ability to message us in our support chat any time and get answers quickly to any questions you may have.

Workout Log Tutorial

Step 1.

Click on the training method tab up top to open the log for the training method that you are logging. Ex. “Contraction” for the Contraction Training program.

Step 2.

Fill out the fields according to your workout for that entry.

Day Number – The number for the day you are on for that training program.

Exercise Name – The name of the exercise completed.

Completed Sets – The total number of sets completed for that exercise.

Completed Reps – The total number of repetitions completed for that exercise.

Resistance/Weight – The weight amount or resistance band color that was used.

Difficulty – The difficulty for that exercise rated from 1 to 10.

To add another exercise to the entry, click on “+ Add another exercise” button below.

To add the next day’s entry to the log, click on the “+ Add another day” button below.

Step 3.

Click the “Update Log” button to update your progress. *Progress won’t save if you don’t.*

To collapse/expand an entry, click on the blue arrow on the right corner.

To remove an entry, hover over the entry number title and click the “Remove” link next to the title.

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