Optimize your body & mind

Unlock a new level of personalized health and performance- tailored to your exact genetics, body composition and goals.

Optimize your health with a custom protocol based on scientific testing.

Based off of your DNA.

Here's the truth:

Most wellness programs are based on guesswork!

But if you're over 40, your health, fitness, and vitality aren't just about looking and feeling good—they're crucial to maintaining your quality of life as you age.

But there's a challenge:

You don't have time to follow one-size-fits-all advice that doesn’t consider your unique health needs or fit into your busy lifestyle.

Introducing OptimalBody Elite:

We cut through the clutter with a custom-tailored plan that includes in-depth testing, expert coaching, and premium concierge services. This streamlined approach allows you to significantly improve your health and vitality, dedicating just a few hours each week.

Our Method:

From the ground up, we construct a health plan based on precise genetic data, specifically designed to expedite and enhance your results, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your life beyond 40.

Join OptimalBody Elite and revolutionize your well-being with a plan uniquely designed for your genetics.

Optimize your health with a custom protocol based on scientific testing.

Based off of your DNA.

Genetic Testing

Unlock your health potential with our comprehensive genetic testing. This service helps us understand your unique genetic makeup to tailor your health and fitness strategies precisely, ensuring that your plan aligns with your body’s specific needs.

Award-Winning Training Program

Get complete access to the award-winning OptimalBody Training System voted "Most Comprehensive Training Program" for 5 years in a row! Follow along from home with the ongoing workout videos.

Nutrition Advice

Receive personalized nutrition guidance from us to achieve your fat loss or muscle gain goals. Our advice is based on your genetic profile, ensuring that your diet supports not only your fitness goals but also your overall health.

Home Gym Equipment

Equip yourself with all the necessary tools for success. Our membership includes delivery of our RBS4 home gym equipment tailored to the exercises in your training program, ensuring you have everything you need for your fitness journey. This is a $899 retail value included.


Benefit from our exclusive discounts to the highest quality selection of supplements. Each supplement is chosen based on your unique health needs and genetic outcomes to enhance your performance and recovery.

Ongoing Expert Support

Stay motivated and on track with our ongoing support system. From regular check-ins with your coach to access to a community of like-minded individuals, we provide continuous encouragement and expert advice every step of the way.